About Us

Our experience span more than 20 years in the field of auto parts in import and sale. Agents for a number of factories in China and Taiwan. We have sourcing for original spare parts at competitive prices for all kinds of cars.

Our Vision

Providing high quality spare parts and low prices so that our products are suitable for the consumer after the original parts in terms of low price and high quality and the work of new agencies for new products in addition to work partnerships with some institutions and their exclusive agencies.

What Makes DaraAuto Special

How we choose our products

Studying the needs of the market and the parts available in it from the original and commercial enabled us to choose products with high demand due to the scarcity of available high quality and the best price.

Our suppliers

Factories with a strong reputation in Asia, are known for their high quality products selected by excellent standards and specifications.

Our Customers

Wholesalers and retailers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.